Fun and delicious things to do with all those apples you picked

So you went apple-picking and have 14 bushels of the midwest’s finest fall bounty. Now what?

A recipe from reader Carmen Tibbs: “One of our favorite fall treats is our annual trip to County Line Orchard in Hobart, Ind., to pick apples. After eating our fill of apples, apple donuts &all sort of other apple-icious treats, we head home to begin our own tasty treat making.”

Apple Pie for One

These individual apple pies are yummy enough to make Grandma wish she was at your house.

Create a simple taffy apple craft that you and your child can enjoy all season long.

Nutty Apples

Apple Surprise and Tasting Party

Did you know? Apples have stars inside them!

Apple Cartwheels

Recipe courtesy of Taste of Home’s Healthy Cooking magazine. Visit for more healthy snacks for kids ideas and back to school recipes.

Chunky applesauce cupcakes

Simple and delicious. Plus, it’s good for you heart!

Campfire Baked Apples

No oven? No problem!

3 new apple recipes your family will love

Apples are not the pigeon of fruits. They are one of the most diverse and (Golden) delicious! All-American apple pie. Taffy apples. Apple cider donuts. Hello! I could go on and on. Check out these recipes.

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