5 simple and delicious Valentine’s Day recipes for kids

I have to start this article by confessing that I am awful in the kitchen. I mess up pre-packaged cookies and I regularly substitute applesauce for any ingredient I’m missing in a recipe. The nemesis to an awful cook? Pinterest. It’s more of a medium for kitchen-savvy mamas to flaunt the delicious food they are consuming in my face while I polish off plate of PB&J crusts.

So after scrolling for hours on Pinterest, I’ve rounded up the most delish Valentine’s treats to make with your little sweet tarts! And the best part of all? They are easy!

Rosebud Cake Pops

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Make a bouquet of cake-pop roses with your mini. Cakegirls posted this recipe to Pinterest and I can’t wait to make them on the Feb. 14!

Tip: Modify the tools needed by tracing your own flower stencil on paper and cutting around it on the fondant. Skip the pastry brush. Instead, dab with clean hands.

Chocolate Chip and Banana Heart-Shaped Pancakes

You can make heart-shaped chocolate chip and banana pancakes with your favorite pancake recipe. I love skinnytaste.com’s recipe for this light and fluffy Valentine’s Day treat! Have your little one measure and stir for a fun morning project. (Use gluten-free pancake mix and vegan chocolate chips for allergy restrictions.)

Tip: Use a small heart cookie cutter to make hearts in your banana slices or to cut hearts into a regular circle stack of pancakes.

Strawberry Heart Fruit Kebabs

(Vegan and Gluten-free)

Heart-shaped cookie cutters and skewer sticks are the only kitchen utensils you’ll need for this easy and delicious recipe! Your little ones will love making patterns on the stick and they can eat them all day long! There are two delicious bonus recipes in the link below: yummy strawberry applesauce and heart-themed sandwiches (Can substitute gluten-free bread and non-dairy whipped cream.)

Tip: Warm the applesauce and crushed strawberries on the stove for easier mashing. This would also make the perfect treat for a chilly day.

Jell-O Hearts in Milk

(Gluten-free, or Vegan with Almond Milk)

Jell-O is so fun and easy to make with your little one! Just press the Jell-O hearts on the inside of a clear glass until they stick on their own. Then carefully pour in your milk of choice.

Tip: Use chocolate milk for an extra special treat!

*Recipe is in Spanish

Chocolate Pudding Bowls

How adorable is this Valentine’s Day craft? Blowing up balloons, dipping them in chocolate and topping your treasure off with sprinkles? Sounds like a day in heaven.

Tip: Fill with anything: chocolate pudding, whipped cream, heart sprinkles, applesauce, yogurt and a few SweeTARTS!

Hope you have fun with these creations! Please tag @ChicagoParent and @ChicagoMomGoesSuburban on Instagram to share.

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