A Mom’s Life Top 5 | Reasons to love being a mom in 2010

My mother-in-law tells me it’s much harder being a mom now than it was in her day.

But while she may not have had to deal with the Internet and overscheduled kids, I still think I got the better deal. Here’s why I’m glad I’m a mom in this generation:

  1. Rachael Ray vs. Betty Crocker. Betty is adorable, but any girl who’s figured out how to produce healthy, homemade dinners in 30 minutes or less deserves a cookie. The bar is set way lower these days and I’m a fan. I love that my family thinks I’m an amazing cook anytime I serve dinner on real plates and not out of a plastic grocery bag.
  2. Twitter moms vs. Tupperware parties. How fun is it to form friendships, compare kid notes and share a virtual cocktail with mom friends in Ireland, all with 140 characters and a few swift clicks? I still like my IRL (in real life) mom friends, but my cyber ones are pretty darn cool, too.
  3. Spanx vs. spanks. I love that when you say the word “spanks,” people assume you’re talking about body shapers that iron out your ripples and bumps and not the act of whacking your kids on the tush. Spank if ya want to-I’m just psyched it’s no longer status quo.
  4. Dads with wipes vs. dads with pipes. Hallelujah for the evolution of the hands-on daddy-o! Modern moms everywhere should raise a sippy cup to this new pride of papas who wield pancake flippers, stanky diapers, sparkly hairbands, baby Bjorns, Barbie slippers and laundry baskets. We are lucky, lucky girls.
  5. The Real Housewives vs. the housewife. Can I get a collective “Amen!” to the burial of the label “housewife”? Moms today are viewed as capable and resourceful masters of communication and management. And with the explosion of moms online, we’re also highly sought after by advertisers and marketers. The only time I like the term is when referring to The Real Housewives of New York City. (Love those hot messes.)

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