5 postpartum body secrets for Chicago moms

There are very few women who wake up looking like Beyonce after having a few kids. And after childbirth, mamas tend to chat about their bodies, a lot. After all, many times they look nothing like they did only a couple years before. And while we love some things about our new bodies (Look at my new booty! Thanks baby No. 2!), we also share the scars that haven’t healed physically or emotionally.

So what are we ever going to do about it? A tummy tuck isn’t exactly in the budget and the words “down time” left our vocabulary a decade ago. If you’ve considered putting yourself back together again after kids, there are treatments for common body issues that offer results and require no surgery, injections or lengthy recovery times.

Melasma spots

Laser skin treatments don’t involve needles or injections. And peels will help remove spots and sun damage. The laser zaps away bacteria, and even some hair follicles. The laser doesn’t hurt, but it’s not a ray of sunshine either. The lasers produce results, and the more diligent you are with the treatment plan, the better your permanent results will be.

Saggy skin

You are going to need some tightening so you don’t have to fold your skin like laundry. There are laser treatments that will help lift and tighten the skin. Not every treatment is for everyone, but the Fractional Laser Treatment is a good place to start your inquiry.

Weak pelvic floor

The Ultra Femme 360 is a radio frequency treatment that disrupts collagen fibers and stimulates blood flow to tighten your birth canal after babies. If it feels like an organ may come tumbling out of there, this may help you tighten back up.

Extra fat

Heck, sometimes it even gathers to one side like a third boob. Fat reduction treatments use heat to burn fat, and can even recontour your waistline. The tool uses gets very hot — up to 110 degrees — to melt the fat away.

Stretch marks

Microneedling Therapy or Collagen Induction Therapy is used to reverse signs of scars and skin injuries. Fractional Therapy also works for scarring and stretch marks. You and your doctor can decide which is best for your body.

These treatments are offered throughout Chicagoland. Do your research to find a good fit for you, and make sure the practice you contact is reputable. Depending on the service you need, you may have to call before to see if it’s offered. Some good places to start are Beautify at AMS, The Few Institute, Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique, SpaDerma and Advanced Laser Clinics Oakbrook.

Disclaimer: These options are for all women; those who own their scars and those who simply want her body resemble something familiar again.

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