5 fun snacks for your winter Olympics viewing party

The torch has been lit and the 2018 Winter Olympics have arrived to cure your family’s case of the winter blues! There are so many benefits to watching the games as a family. It will introduce your children to new sports, new countries and the elite athletes will inspire them to work a little harder at practice that week. The games begin on Feb. 9 and will feature 102 events in 15 sports to allow for weeks of binge watching. Why not make your viewing a bit more fun with these five fun snack ideas?


Win the gold medal in parenting with the most fun idea: doughnuts! Tape the games one evening, pick up doughnuts the next morning and spend the morning having a viewing session in your pajamas with the littles. Bonus points: present the doughnuts on a platter in the design of the Olympic rings. 

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Play off the winter theme with Hot Chocolate Cookies. Serve with White Russians for the adults as an apropos cocktail choice. Cuddle up on the couch as a family and enjoy watching figure skating together.

International Cheese Board

Have fun with the multicultural aspect of the games and assemble a cheese board filled with selections from competing countries. The curling events alone have 13 countries participating, which leads to several delicious choices! Have your family vote on their favorite to add another layer of competition to your viewing session.

Mini Burgers

Show your support of Team USA by serving one of the most all-American foods: mini burgers! Let your kids go crazy with a condiment bar including all the fixings: Ketchup, lettuce, American cheese, pickles, onions and more.

Cupcakes with M&M “Rings”

Decorate cupcakes with the kiddos for a sweet treat to enjoy while watching the Closing Ceremony. Add M&M rings to either store-bought or homemade cupcakes for an adorable, easy way to celebrate the end of the games!

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