Indulgent Pumpkin Spice spa treatments to fully embrace fall

Okay, I can admit it: I’m basic. I still watch “Grey’s Anatomy”; I loudly sing along to T Swift (miss you, Old Taylor!); my favorite season is fall. And as commonly goes along with being an autumn enthusiast, I love pumpkin spice lattes. But even I can admit that the pumpkin spice selection at your average grocery store is a bit much. So instead of buying some pumpkin spice Pop-Tarts or chewing gum, try one of these pumpkin-flavored spa treatments that all my fellow basic babes will love.

Pumpkin Latte Mani/Pedi

Four Seasons Chicago, 120 E. Delaware Place, Chicago

As someone who usually has her nails painted (told you I was basic!), I think the easiest way to embrace the season is to fall-ify your fingers and toes. Ditch your summery pinks and corals for an autumnal shade (I chose a perfectly pumpkin-y rusty brown for my mani and a rich plum for the pedi) when you enjoy a visit to this high-end spa’s Nail Suite. The Pumpkin Latte mani/pedi features a caramel-scented exfoliant, followed by a luxurious lotion that hydrates your skin in anticipation of winter’s harshness. Even better, you can sip on an actual pumpkin latte during the pedicure portion, complete with an almond biscotti for dipping.

Manicure: $55; Pedicure: $85

Pumpkin Spice Body Wrap

Spa@TheWit, 201 N. State St., Chicago

Cold weather is upon us, so a toasty body wrap sounds like the perfect solution. But as someone who doesn’t particularly like being confined, I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about having my first body wrap. But the warm wrap was more cozy than claustrophobic, even if I can’t completely describe what I was wrapped in (there definitely was some plastic sheeting involved). The treatment starts with some all-over exfoliation, followed by the application of a rich clay mask, designed to restore the skin’s moisture and give it a boost of antioxidants. Then you’re wrapped for about 20 minutes, during which time you can have a scalp or foot massage. After rinsing off in the in-room shower, you’re coated in some luxe lotion, with a special cinnamon-and-paprika lotion applied to cellulite-prone areas (spoiler: it may tingle a bit). I may not be wearing a bathing suit for a while, but I left this treatment feeling like I could, which might be even more important.

50-minute treatment: $100

Hello Pumpkin Mini Spa Packages

Arista Spa & Salon, 2155 City Gate Lane #201, Naperville

You’ve tromped through every orchard, pumpkin patch and corn maze in the Midwest; don’t your feet (and legs) deserve a break? This Naperville spa’s hour-long treatment devotes half the time to the Pumpkin Sole Soother, a pumpkin spice-flavored scrub down and body cream that will leave your skin as soft as your littles’ adorable behinds – and your sore feet just a distant memory. Then you’ll choose between a pumpkin facial that utilizes honest-to-goodness pumpkin puree (Mother Nature knows what she’s doing!), or a 30-minute massage that focuses exclusively on the neck, shoulders and back. I went with the massage, because stress. Either way, be sure to enjoy some time in the Relaxation Room, where you can sip hot tea and warm your feet by the dancing fire.

Mini Spa Package #1: $150; Mini Spa Package #2: $135

Warm Salted Caramel Body Treatment

Dana Hotel and Spa, 660 N. State St., Chicago

We see you, pumpkin spice agnostics. And this autumnal treatment features exactly zero of the overexposed taste. Instead, it goes with another favorite flavor combo: salty and sweet (chocolate-covered pretzels for the win). The treatment begins with a caramel salt scrub, which smells delicious, especially considering it’s sloughing off your dead skin. After you shower, enjoy a decadent hot stone massage with a shea butter finish. I promise you’ll leave feeling ready to take on anything – including your kids who are hopped up on too much Halloween candy.

80-minute treatment: $170

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