The 10 funniest kids on YouTube

David After the Dentist

David went to the dentist. David got nitrous oxide. David got stoned. David’s dad filmed it. “I have four eyes!” This video caught a lot of flak from some voices in the parent commentary corps, most notably the Chicago Sun Times’ Mary Mitchell. But if you can’t laugh at this, you seriously need to have your parenting-is-a-trip-o-meter recalibrated.

Charlie Bit Me

If there’s one thing that makes indignant children being reluctantly filmed by their parents cuter, it’s a British accent. And a well-seasoned sibling rivalry. Charlie (the biter) truly enjoys every second of this, while his older brother continues to be surprised, even after two bites.

Rizzo gives the “Miracle” Speech

Rizzo isn’t the first kid to memorize a speech.

Kid Devastated to Learn he’s not a single lady

There comes a day in every parent-child relationship when the parent has to relay some bad news, usually a reality check about the child’s chances of playing professional baseball or becoming an astronaut. With almost 3 million views since it was posted in late March, this has all the makings of a YouTube classic.

The Kittens Girl

The Kittens Girl

Little Girl sings “The Distance.”

Star Wars according to a 3-year-old.

Don’t talk back to Darth Vader! He’ll get ya.

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