Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Child With Autism


When your child has autism, you are their most powerful advocate. The good news is that resources, support and hope are all within your reach. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t overwhelming and challenging. There are many pieces to the autism puzzle, and how those pieces come together is unique to each child. That’s why Chicago Parent has teamed up with a.c.e. Therapies, a leading Chicagoland ABA therapy center that helps families who are dealing with autism. Check back frequently for new topics and expert advice for parents and caregivers of children who are newly diagnosed with autism, as well as insight on how to build crucial life skills that lead to the ultimate goal: independence.



‘My Child is Newly Diagnosed With Autism.’

The rush of emotions that accompany an autism diagnosis, from fear and anxiety to grief and even relief, can be intense — as can the reams of questions and treatment options. If you’re just starting out, start with these essential topics.


‘I Want to Build Life Skills for My Child With Autism.’

Small successes add up to big victories for children on the spectrum — whether it’s tackling new settings, starting ABA therapy or successfully communicating their needs. Help your child master the life skills that will serve them now and in the future.

More About a.c.e. Therapies

a.c.e. Therapies is a leading ABA autism service center in Chicagoland that helps children, teenagers and young adults with autism, disabilities and behavioral issues such as ADHD. Founded by Chicago native Cindy Mrotek, a certified special education teacher and board-certified assistant behavior analyst, a.c.e. is independently owned and operated — and offers four locations. Its goal is simple: helping children gain independence and ace daily life goals. Visit the website to learn more.