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Anah Ambuchi's short movie will be released in October

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Fuel kids' brains and improve learning. Read more

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Megan Murray Elsener

This craft is great for little hands Read more


New book out by Chicago media expert in time for back to school Read more

General Parenting

Fun books for kids to read before the school bell rings Read more


Stilt walkers at Six Flags during the Mardi Gras parade

Cortney Fries

Enjoy New Orleans-inspired fun before school starts. Read more

Outdoor Fun

Dundee is always changing for the better and we found a few new things families will love. Read more

Best of the 'Burbs

Family dinner. Done and done. Read more

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New Chicago Wolves fans

Megan Murray Elsener

One family checked out a Chicago Wolves hockey game and came away fans. Read more


Embrace the wintery conditions outdoors with a craft inspired by the super fluffy snowy owl. Read more


These holiday-themed coffee cup sleeves will make a welcome addition to anyone's winter morning routine. Read more


These sailboats are easy to make and will keep the kids entertained in the tub. Read more


Next time you are at the grocery store, stock up on a few extra packages of sponges and create your own "bath toys." Read more


Planning a block party? Heading out for the local Fourth of July parade? Make some pinwheels to bring along as entertainment for the kiddos. Read more


Kids have been folding paper into boat shapes forever. But I bet you can still impress yours by helping them create a waterproof version that really floats. Ahoy, captain! Read more


This year, experiment with a material called bleeding tissue paper to dye your eggs. The color transfers to other surfaces (like egg shells), leaving an interesting “tie-dyed” impression. Read more


Next time you come across some nearly empty boxes of pasta in your cabinet, give this “noodle train” project a try. Read more


Incorporate leaves into your family’s Thanksgiving celebration (or any other meal) by creating homemade placemats for your guests. Read more


Turn the leaves in your yard into an eye-catching work of art. Read more


Stray baby socks make the perfect winter hats for homemade characters. Throw in an empty paper towel roll and some decorations for a project that your child will love to incorporate into her creative play. Read more


Forget the rush to buy Zhu Zhu Pets. You can make your own little critters at home using a fun, patterned, adult-sized sock from your collection of strays. Read more



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