Water fun

What’s different, what’s new, and what’s worth howling about. more

Water Fun

If you forget these, well ... good luck to you. more

Water Fun

You can probably leave your purse at home. more


Hidden "Michiana" gems 45 minutes away from Chicago. more


Think American Ninja Warrior, but in water. more

Water Fun

Stay cool this summer. more


Time for fun, sun and sandy toes. more

Stuff We Love

You've got to experience this beautiful (and surprisingly hidden) section of town. more

City Faves

Planning to spend your entire vacay under the sea? more

Water Fun

Summer starts now. more


Where mini-mariners get a five-star education. more


We may not live on a coast, but Chicago does beaches right. more

Outdoor Fun

Yes, it's exhausting, but these tips can help. more

Water Fun


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