Special needs


Fun created just for families with special needs. more

Special Needs

"Alec brings people joy and gives them hope." more

Special Needs

Therapy can be a real fun! -

Sensory input is not just for those on the spectrum more

Special Needs

Sibling love: ‘I still wish you did not have Down syndrome’ more

Special Needs


Thomas M. Kubik

12-year-old is a 10-year Special Olympics veteran more

Special Needs


Land's End

Land's End original school uniforms become special needs-friendly. more

Special Needs

Tim Corrigan

Juan Carlos Pelayo / TK Photography

Tim Corrigan has been involved with Special Olympics since it first began in Chicago. more

Special Needs

Portrait of little girl smiling in the park

DenysKuvaiev denys_kuvaiev -

Prep for back to school more

Special Needs

New travel service pairs travelers with locals in the know. more

Special Needs


Photo by Thomas Kubik/TK Photography

Celebrate the Global Day of Inclusion at Soldier Field. more

Special Needs


TK Photography

A special lineup of entertainment is planned to welcome families with special needs more

Special Needs

Six things to try, from theater to playtime more

Special Needs

Tips one special needs mom has learned along the way. more

Special Needs

Autism hasn't kept AJ from his goal of achieving rank of Eagle Scout. more

Special Needs

Our Special Needs #cpplaydate provides fun for kids with special needs and their siblings while parents gather great information. more

Chicago Parent Playdate

Top picks for family fun near you this month. more



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