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Indoor Fun

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Navy Park in Glenview

Village of Glenview

Find family fun on the North Shore. Read more

Neighborhood Guides

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Holiday Fun

Find family-friendly fun on the Fox River. Read more

Neighborhood Guides

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Hamill Family Nature Plaza

Chicago Zoological Society/Cathy Bazzoni

The new Hamill Family Nature Plaza is all about exploring, relaxing and having fun. Read more


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City Faves


Oak Brook Park District

These spots are made for everyone in the family. Read more

Special Needs

frustrating baby girl

M-image -

We asked our readers to weigh in on a mom's dilemma. Read more

General Parenting


Clayton Hauck

Don't you just love al fresco dining? Read more

Outdoor Fun

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Jose "Jay" Polanco-Webb

Thomas Kubik / TK Photography

Five easy ways to discover what makes your child the happiest. Read more

Special Needs


Jenny LeFlore

The vibe is right in this South Side gem. Read more

Neighborhood Guides


Javier Govea

Enough to fill every day, so soak it up! Read more



Yu Kids Island

It's no doubt a shopping haven. Read more

Neighborhood Guides

waterlemon kids.jpeg

Photo provided by Waterlemon Kids

It's a great time to be a kid. Read more

Indoor Fun

Some are writing prescriptions to get kids playing outside. Read more

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