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Thomas M. Kubik

Movie maker from city's south side learning, teaching more

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It’s never too early for Christmas movies, right? more


Anah Ambuchi's short movie will be released in October

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Fuel kids' brains and improve learning. more

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Trolls, kid spies and more. more


A low cost way to spend more quality time with your kids. more

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It will completely change your movie-going experience. more

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Your movie preview is here. more

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See a film for a dollar? Yes, please! more

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How lucky are you this month? more

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Beloved classics and newer faves all come to life on the big screen. more

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The best blockbusters. more

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Should you let your kids watch the Charlie Brown special? more

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If you don’t like all the media bombarding your kids you can just turn off the TV or watch everything with them. But for today’s busy families, these are often unrealistic strategies, says Nicole Dreiske. more

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