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Micki Moran launched The Child & Family Law Center of the North Shore to help families with special needs. Read more

Special Needs

Your Ripple Effect is a bucket list, with a twist. It's about giving back to your community. Read more

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"Mamaphobia" takes the everyday struggles of motherhood to the stage. Read more

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Colorful children's book told through the eyes of a special needs student was originally inspired by Oprah. Read more

Special Needs

Jodi Norgaard set out to create dolls that make girls like themselves. So far, she's succeeded with Go! Go! dolls. Read more

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With wife Leny, son Kyle, 9, and daughter Kayla, 7, by his side, Sou recently spearheaded a fundraiser that collected $7,000 for the homeless and victims of natural disaster in Cambodia. Read more

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Carl Vuillaume spent his life having fun. The 16-year-old acted in school plays, participated in band, played sports, relished books and wrote on a regular basis. He lived by the catchphrase: Carpe diem. In 2005, he drowned while vacationing with his family in Minnesota. Read more

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Traveling zoo keeper brings exotic animals to children Read more


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Bob Black

Luis Soria's is an award-winning principal, past recipient of the Kohl McCormick Award for excellence in early childhood education and the first Latino in Chicago to become a National Board certified teacher. Read more

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Katie Nicastri

Chicago dad Jeff Semmerling wants to share his love of making masks with Chicago kids. Read more

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My daughterÂ’s preschool teacher died and I couldnÂ’t get myself to tell her. When I finally did, it was too late. Read more

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