May 2011


Punishing toddlersÂ’ negative behavior may lead to behavioral problems later on, especially for boys, found a new study by the University of Illinois. Read more

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Think you can't get your kids to eat mushrooms? Read more


Sure, friends and tastes and advertising all play a role. But researchers are discovering just how much influence mothers have in what their kids eat. Read more

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After the 5-year-old daughter of an "A list" celebrity couple was photographed by the paparazzi as she calmly sucked a pacifier, I was asked "How old is too old?" Read more

General Parenting

Little Devin is still pretty little, so we're sort of limited on things we can do, but one thing he's into big time right now is animals. Read more

General Parenting

For one Plainfield family, a spin of the genetic wheel went terribly wrong, but they say they find hope and happiness in every day. Read more

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From the moment my husband and I met over Frisbee along the lake, we were a Chicago family. But when circumstances changed, we reluctantly packed up our three sons and left the Windy City for an island adventure. Read more

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From not getting invited to a party to missing out the starring role in the school play, your child will know rejection at some point. Here's how to help soothe the sting. Read more

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Kids have been folding paper into boat shapes forever. But I bet you can still impress yours by helping them create a waterproof version that really floats. Ahoy, captain! Read more


The secret to well-trained children? An $800 squirt bottle meant for dogs. Just ask my kids. Read more

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I donÂ’t want my children to grow up in a home where dieting and food deprivation is an obsession. So after 14 years of serial dieting, I just quit. Read more

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We found a restaurant open and friendly to all ages, with fast service and hearty fare. Read more

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With more than 200 lovingly restored arcade games, Galloping Ghost Arcade caters to arcade enthusiasts young and old. Read more

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