March 2013


These flourless brownies are gluten free and super tasty. Read more


Dusty Huscher has helped 23 girls in Afghanistan attend college this year. Read more

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For parents of kids with late summer or early fall birthdays, when do you decide it's time to start the big K? Read more

General Parenting

Lincoln Park restaurant serves your kid's favorite food, but you can still dine like a grown-up. Read more

Restaurant Picks

Don't be thrown off by the decor, Atwood caters to kids as well as adults. Read more

Restaurant Picks

Life isn't over just because you're getting older. We've got 10 amazing ways to celebrate turning 40. Read more

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Frank Pinc

Staff at CHC aims to make life as normal and happy as possible for children who may never go home with their families. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

Use materials from around your house to create fun "feet" for your little monster. Read more



Tom Deja

Christopher Garlington claims his son was too good looking of a baby to be his own, but something finally struck a chord. Read more

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Our Mom of the Month dishes on parenting in Chicago, sleep deprivation and more. Read more

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Skip the bunny brunches this year and have a unique Easter with the kids. Read more

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Before choosing a credit card, consider your family's lifestyle and needs. Read more

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Make something great with those adorable photos of your family with these easy-to-use apps. Read more

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Adler Planetarium

Mom, foodie and space lover Michelle Larson wants to make science and tech fun for all Chicago families. Read more

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How to know when it's time to unplug your kids and what to do with screen-less time. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

A broken, or hidden, cell phone might be the key to a creative day in the city of Chicago. Read more

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Snapchat is all the rage with today's kids. Even though they think it's the safer way to share their photos, there are still ground rules you need to consider. Read more

General Parenting

Let the kids get their hands dirty at this year's Chicago Flower & Garden Show. Read more

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Miss chasing fireflies on a warm summer night? Check out this new exhibit all about glowing creatures. Read more


With a cocktail lounge downstairs, this authentic Mexican restaurant in River North makes for a great night out in the city. Read more

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