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Lindsay is a few things, but she likes to call herself a mommingworker - you know, because she's a mom first. She's given up onachieving a balance and just works day to day to make sure she getswhat she wants done. Like this bio. Lindsay is a Chicago areanative, with roots in the NW 'burbs (is it ok to call your parentsroots?). Becoming a mom in 2009 changed Lindsay's perspective on afew things. Work was one. Household cleaning products was another.She and her business partner, Bo Johnson, started Chicago's firstdaily deals site for moms,, in 2010.  They wereacquired by in 2011 and both currently work as general managers for the company. Lindsay lives on the cusp of the Ukrainian Village with her husband Brian and nearly 2-year-old son Eli. Watch as she unravels. Or marvel as she stays composed. She can't make any promises.

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