Maid-Rite has arrived in Chicago's Lincoln Park and families are sure to flock to the diner-style eatery that is as kid-friendly as it is delicious. more

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A reader asks for advice on how to deal with bad behavior from her son's first girlfriend. more

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Your Ripple Effect is a bucket list, with a twist. It's about giving back to your community. more

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13 countries in five years for little Vivien. more


The free programs address everything from what parents can do about bullying to answers about ADHD medication. more

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These three exhibits will at least keep the kids occupied for a few days. more

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Families can bowl, play bocce and dine in a "grown-up" atmosphere at three Chicagoland locations. more

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How can you choose which is right for you child? Take a close look at these considerations when comparing gadgets. more

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These shops bring something unexpected to the usual holiday decor. more

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New holiday play dramatizes the bittersweet story of a family who brought Christmas trees to immigrant families in Chicago. more

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Planning to put a puppy under the tree? Consider adopting from a shelter. more

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Just in time for the holiday season, some ideas to help your kids learn through baking. more

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Make plans now to see the show when it hits Chicago this winter. more

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A nighttime parade through the city puts everyone in the holiday spirit. more

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Instead of ordering not-as-advertised toys from a catalog this holiday season, try shopping for gifts locally. more

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Moms and kids can coexist on Facebook peacefully, but there are some rules to follow. more

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  • Vegetables, fresh juices mix fruit healthy drinks on wood table.

    missty - Fotolia

    Vegetables, fresh juices mix fruit healthy drinks on wood table.

    Fresh juice mix fruit, healthy drinks on wooden table.


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