July 2012


"Kidza" once again brings music to younger crowd this weekend Read more

Arts & Culture

This month, Fab Mama Meredith Sinclair has your summer travel must-haves, from fab swim suit to easy-to-wear dresses. Read more

General Parenting

Kids will love watching the cooks in the window display along Wilson Avenue. Moms and dads will love the reasonably priced bread, plus unique cheese options and pâtés. Read more

Restaurant Picks

Ready to head out on a bike riding adventure with kids in tow? We've got some great ideas to get those wheels spinning. Read more

Outdoor Fun

Beat the heat with homemade ice cream the kids can help make. Yummy! Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

Nearly all elementary students lose some of the information and skills they learning during the school years over the summer break. What role you play in preventing it. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

grand canyon.jpe

Donna Bozzo

The Bozzo family hit the trail to take in the Grand Canyon. They have tips to help you make the most of your own trip. Read more


As Radio Disney's N.B.T. On Tour kicks off in Chicagoland, Shealeigh's mom talks about the journey and what is ahead. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

Moms make good businesswomen because, as we all know, they know know how to multi-task. Four moms share their stories on getting started as CEOs of their own businesses. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

This month's craft will really get you and the kids in the mood for a great Independence Day. Read more


The Windy City can get downright hot this time of year. Here's an inside scoop on great places to chill with your kids when temps soar. Read more

General Parenting

The candy is nice, but popcorn is the real star at The Little Popcorn Store, a place adored for generations. Read more

Sweet Treats

Ravinia is the place to introduce kids to all kinds of music this summer. Read more

Fairs & Fests

Registered Dietitian Christine Palumbo shares some important advice on feeding kids. Read more

General Parenting

Chicago History Museum knows there is something magic about Chicago and they can't wait to share it with your family. Read more


Even the pickiest eaters will be at least willing to try this summer treat using summer's fruits. Read more


One mom wonders: If we only stress achievement and finding our children's talents from an early age, are we are missing who they really are? Read more

General Parenting

Everyone knows what happens to a tidy house once you have kids. Mom Sandy Spatz finally gets it and discovers neatness isn't the most important thing. Read more

General Parenting


Illustration by Tom Deja

Don't worry if you see Christopher Garlington weeping openly in Lincoln Park. He's just discovered his kids don't think he's Superman. Read more

General Parenting

Should you buy SPF 100? Waterproof? And how often should you really reapply the kids' sunscreen? Dr. Lisa Thornton has the answers for you in this month's Health Matters. Read more

General Parenting


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