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Johanna M. Cook is a mother of three, living in Aurora, Illinoisand founder of Momma Cuisine. As Momma Cuisine, her mission is toshow busy moms that "Great Everyday Meals" can be done with simpleingredients and basic cooking techniques.

As a college student, Johanna dreamt about becoming aprofessional food writer and began to study Magazine Journalism atColumbia College Chicago. However, what was supposed to be a simplehostess job while going to school made her crave to learn moreabout the restaurant industry, leading to a 10 year career as a"front of the house" manager. This gave her an insider look intohow chefs prepare meals, as well techniques that may have only beentaught in culinary schools. Her career has also exposed her to howto create an event for guests in her home.

After getting pregnant with her third child, Johanna decided itwas time to focus on her growing family and leave the upscaledining scene. Then, while on maternity leave, she began to dabblein the world of blogging, simply using it as aself expression tooland a way to exercise her long lost love of food writing. Thepersonal blog began to grow and grow into what is now, which focuses on sharing recipes that can be simply made during a busy week while juggling kids, chores, work, etc. It also includes lifestyle articles like travel, fashion, and home and garden. Readers can also easily log on to the Momma Cuisine Community and join groups like Gluten-Free Mommas, Vegetarian Mommas, Baking Mommas and more, to connect with like-minded moms and share recipes and cooking tips. In addition, you can watch Johanna's recipes come to life on her Momma Cuisine Show, You Tube channel,

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