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Jasmine Jafferali grew up an overweight child and drinking pop (yes, she's from Chicago) and made many lifestyle changes along throughout her life. While she doesn't blog for her health, she blogs to inspire you to make positive, healthy changes.

Jasmine began her gluten free diet ventures way before it became trendy. After battling health issues ranging from migraines, GERD, fatigue, bloating and moodiness, her husband asked her to marry him anyways and she went gluten,soy and dairy free ridding all medications and began her path to healing. After her naturopathic medical doctor gave her the green light to begin trying for a family, she was pregnant three weeks later and life as a mom began. She left her job after her daughter was born in 2007 and took a maternity sabbatical to study health, nutrition and healing. She does not claim to be a dietician, classes made her sleepy in college, instead she earned her degree in exercise science for her love of fitness. After landing a job in corporate wellness, she earned her Master's in Public Health and loves belting out statistics about health and proving doctors through research that the right diet can heal. Jasmine calls herself a nutrition detective deciphering labels and educating parents to empower them to eat cleaner and healthier.

After the birth of her son in 2010, she learned know matter how much you do by the books, sometimes you just can't know it all. She is grateful for her son's Sensory Processing Disorder and keeps to a strict diet of various food sensitivities and learning more than she ever thought she would know and is now helping parents whose kids are on the spectrum. Jasmine likes to challenge the medical community, encourages parents to do the same by exercising their patient rights and while she believes there is a time and place for modern medicine, she'll look to alternative methods to health and healing before resorting to drugs.

Jasmine loves to snack and her love of snacking helped her to launch her new app called Snack Smart Solutions, keeping snacks balanced, clean and tasty. You can read her blog and insites about faith, family, food and fitness at Healthy Jasmine

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