January 2013


Avoid ugly utility bills this winter with easy makeovers for the most expensive rooms in your home. Read more

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Illustration by Tom Deja

Does your kid want to skip school a lot? Try a few of these ideas for attendance notes and they'll never play hooky again. Read more

General Parenting

This fruit and yogurt sundae from Sunkist is a refreshing and healthy alternative to a classic ice cream treat. Read more


That ring of dirt around the tub means the family has been outside making new discoveries. Read more

General Parenting

What's so special about being "Great at 8"? Read more

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Feeling helpless when it comes to your child's homework? Online tutoring might be the solution. Read more

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The best barbecue from all over the country at one restaurant. Read more

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Embrace the wintery conditions outdoors with a craft inspired by the super fluffy snowy owl. Read more


Jennifer Wheeler Wood is being schooled by her son but that's just fine with her. Read more

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Arts n Spirits gives friends a place to chat, paint and relax, plus it's BYOB. Read more

Date Night Ideas

This Naperville mom is an author and creator of a seven-book series and activity website for kids. Read more

General Parenting

This new Southport spot is kid-friendly but offers coffee that packs a punch for adults. Read more

Restaurant Picks

Labeling a food as ‘organic’ can give you a false sense of security. Know what organics to skip at the store. Read more

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Stay warm this winter at these cozy family destinations. Read more

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Erika Hildegard Johnson

Haircuts, wardrobe changes and a little bit of attitude give these dads full style makeovers. Read more

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Women can build agility and strength, plus lose weight, during these high-energy workouts that are great for moms. Read more

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