It's the place of dreams. more


“Alone time is when I distance myself from the voice of the world so I can hear my own.” – Oprah Winfrey more

Holiday Fun

Plus, more weekend family fun around Indy. more


Dino-mite spots you can't miss! more


This still-new aerial adventure park in Northwest Indiana provides all the challenges and nature families need for a fun day out together. more

Outdoor Fun

Hidden "Michiana" gems 45 minutes away from Chicago. more


Think American Ninja Warrior, but in water. more

Water Fun

Live it up on the lake this summer! more

Outdoor Fun

You'll miss them, but there are so many benefits of traveling sans-kids. more


Your elves are jingling and jangling to see these. more

Arts & Culture

Spend a long weekend getting to know and love Indy. more


Craving a juicy, freshly picked strawberry? more

Outdoor Fun

One visit will add this Indiana city to your family's list of favorite weekend escapes. more


Four short trips over the state line for fun-filled fall festivals. more

Fairs & Fests

Nestled in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, this Nashville so resembles its namesake town that the area is called "The Little Smokies." more

Chicago Parent Archives

Jim Bergens never tires of his noisy neighbors. more



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