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Keep dishes, laundry and garbage under control. more

General Parenting

Let's face it: The Internet can be a scary place. But a new study finds that using filtering and blocking software on at-home computers can reduce children’s exposure to the worst of the Web. more

General Parenting

Keeping a perfectly organized house can be a challenge with children, but you can easily have a "sort of" organized home. more

General Parenting

Chicago parents reveal the bright side -- and less-than-glamorous moments too -- of baby-rearing in the Windy City, stroller and diaper bag in tow. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Parents of newborns will go through 196 diapers in the first two weeks, a quart of breast milk a day and countless bottles and wipes as baby blooms virtually overnight. Show off growth spurts with finds that combine practicality with originality this fall. more

Chicago Parent Archives

When the bank changed the locks on their home, the Tonkinsons lost a lifetime of memories — their girls' dance recitals, swim meets, gymnastic competitions. more

Chicago Parent Archives

When Laverne and Steve Street bought their Glen Ellyn home in 2006, their realtor told them not to worry about radon, a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that seeps into homes through cracks in the foundation. That was almost a dangerous mistake. more

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