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Thomas M. Kubik

The anchor talks about being pregnant on the air. more

General Parenting

Where did you find markers?

Christin Gasner Christin Lola -

Sharing stories from parenthood. more

General Parenting

The L is a perfect introduction to teaching them their colors, too. more

City Faves

Car seats, strollers and more! more

Stuff We Love

Summertime Chi is great. more

Fairs & Fests

You can do this, really you can. more

Chicago Parent Archives


Photo by Thomas Kubik

Twins? Triplets? Chicago has so many ways to help you have fun with your littles (and keep your sanity). more

General Parenting

Expert Harvey Karp reveals the best ways to sooth your baby and make them happy. more

Chicago Parent Archives


Photo by Thomas Kubik

Chicago’s most familiar newswomen talk about being a mom, milestones and maternity clothes. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Personal touches make all the difference in baby's first room. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Baby babbles deciphered. more

General Parenting


Photo credit: The Wonder Weeks

This book/app is the perfect guide to your child's developmental stages. more

Chicago Parent Archives

55 am.png

Lincoln Park Conservatory, Photo by Thomas Kubik

Have an awesome, fun winter with your baby at these fun spots. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Struggling to stay on your fashion game while your body changes daily? These tips will make it easier. more

Chicago Parent Archives


Photos by Thomas Kubik

These Chicago ladies built Etsy shops with baby gifts that are handmade and fabulous. more

Chicago Parent Archives


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