Heather Earnhart


Heather is just an ordinary mom trying to make her kids' livesextraordinary. She plays dolls and trains, grows vegetables on thedeck, and tries to soak in every moment with her family. She doeschalk and bubbles on the building stoop, chases pigeons and watchessquirrels. She goes tolibraries, museums and kiddy classes.  She lovesto attend, and often performs classicalmusic concerts herself. She builds sand castles atthe beach, and has sore arms from pushing playground swings. Shehas a love/hate relationship with the CTA. She eats her way aroundthe world in the melting pot of Chicago and loves to cook. She usedto drive a double stroller, but has finally upgraded to a car. Ifyou're lucky, she'll share all her secrets about Uptown, the mostdiverse neighborhood in the city.

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