February 2012


Some great "leap" related things to do on the 29th. more

Chicago Parent Archives

At the Chicago Children's Museum, kids take part in a history scavenger hunt and chat with museum staff dressed as important Americans to learn how they shaped the current-day U.S.A. more

Chicago Parent Archives

third- and fourth-graders will get the full picture when they spend the day as Junior Zookeepers learning about animal training, seeing tools of the trade and experiencing what it's like to prepare meals for zoo animals. more

Chicago Parent Archives

At "Really Resonating Reeds," members of Northwestern's saxophone ensemble and clarinet studio showcase examples of their single-reed instruments, whether big, small, high or low. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Lice can take up an enormous amount of time and cause a lot of anxiety. Who wants a bunch of bugs crawling in their child's hair? Carrie Madej has an easier way, part of which is: let her do it. more

General Parenting

It's possible to juggle a life on stage with raising kids. We talked to four stand-up comics about how they incorporate everything into their lives. more

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The Lillstreet Art Center in the Ravenswood neighborhood offers creative fun for hours - for parents and kids. more

Arts & Culture

Alena Murguia's recommendations for three fun, indoor things to do with your children more

Indoor Fun

Yoga instructor Susan Ginsberg helps people going through cancer and other stressful situations help themselves with a few simple techniques. more

Health & Fitness

Chicago mom Rachel Switall wanted to combine motherhood with her graphic design career. The result is a newsletter by, for and about Chicago Public School kids. more

Education & Workshops

Older kids will love these apple chips - with a heart cut out so they know who baked for them. more


Toddlers and preschoolers love finger food they can pop into their mouths. To surprise them on Valentine’s Day, offer your little one a bowl of heart-shaped fruit. more


Though it may be difficult to balance all the demands on your time, your relationship with your partner can't wait until you retire or the kids go off to college. more

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Creating a meaningful relationship with your children is not another item for your to-do list. So much of how your children feel about themselves is based on their relationship with you. more

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Yes, we're busy. But the reality is that dating when your married is just as important as dating to get married. To maintain a healthy relationship, take some time for just the two of you. more

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Ever had your child walk in while you were having sex? Experts say parents put more emphasis on the embarrassment than kids do. And they warn that you shouldn't let it stop you from having sex. more

Chicago Parent Archives

A new grocery delivery service brings artisanal foods right to your door. more


The Field Museum is opening its vault to show off mummies that haven't been on public view since the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. more


Leap year comes around every four years. Leap into the celebration with our four picks. more


A new exhibit at Discovery Center Museum in Rockford proves our robot friends aren't just entertaining, they're also educational. more



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