Fairs & fests


Shepard's Pie, tostadas or Haggis, anyone? Read more

Fairs & Fests

Festival season is here! Read more


The hay-filled figures are synonymous with fall. Read more

, Fairs & Fests

Check out our picks for families as fall hits Chicagoland! Read more


Just keep swimming! Read more


Kidzapalooza is a musical, fun oasis for tots and the people who love them. Read more

Fairs & Fests

Navigate the giant food fest without losing your mind. -- Sponsored by The Taste of Chicago Read more

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A special lineup of entertainment is planned to welcome families with special needs Read more

Special Needs

KidCon is the ultimate event for kids and families. Read more

Education & Workshops

The summer fest you've been waiting for. Read more

Fairs & Fests

Our top picks for a memorable month. Read more


July 14-15 at Taste of Chicago Read more

Sip your way through summer. Read more

Fairs & Fests

Fun fact: Reptiles are not really slimy; their shine comes from an oil on their scales. Read more


A fest to return to again and again. Read more

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