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In choosing the right school for your family, it is sometimes difficult to know what questions to ask. more

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Whether they are using innovative smartphone apps or teaching kids face-to-face mediation techniques, schools around the Chicagoland area are finding innovative ways to help students. more


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From talking about your day to taking a walk together, parents can help kids beyond getting them tutors. more

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Party ideas that bust out of the typical birthday-party box for all girls and boys more

General Parenting

Parents have shorter application window this year more

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Deciding on where to send your child to school can be really tough. more

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Music gives children overall confidence and research has been shown it helps improve math, reading and other subject areas more

Education & Workshops


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How schools are using STEAM to help students push boundaries of the classroom more

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Kids need to know more than just how to score great on the SAT and other tests more

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Find out what some Chicago area schools are doing to get kids ready for college now more

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Choosing private education for the littlest learners could have benefits their entire school careers more

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Technology advances in today's schools is streamlining kids' learning experiences more

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What to keep in mind during your school search. more

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Help prepare your child with special needs for the school setting. more

Education & Workshops

Slumber parties are popular birthday party ideas, but can cause parents the most stress. more

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The best party games keep everyone involved in the game. more

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From trains to adventure, we have some great ideas to make spring birthday parties memorable. more

Chicago Parent Archives

You've got the diagnosis. So now what? more

Special Needs


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