April 2013


A few gift ideas to subtly (or not so subtly) suggest to your spouse and kids for Mother's Day this year. Read more

Stuff We Love

Tour and lunch at Palmer House tells families an animated history of the Windy City. Read more


Vegans, chocolate lovers, frosting lickers. There's something for everyone at Sensational Bites. Read more

Sweet Treats

Being an interracial, adopted family can bring a lot of questions, but often the kids' concerns are a lot more innocent. Read more

General Parenting

Our Mom of the Month, Kelsey Liverpool, created a non-profit to teach and empower kids in military families. Read more

General Parenting


Tom Deja

Move over, Mr. Clean! Christopher Garlington is babysitting - and dealing with the mess that comes with it. Read more

General Parenting

Create slithering serpentine friends from materials you have around your house. Read more


We may not have big yards, but there are still plenty of great gardening resources for Chicago families. Read more

Outdoor Fun

By choosing not to eat meat one day a week, your family can have a big impact on the planet. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

Shakshuka usually is quite spicy, but its easy to tone down the heat for kids' meals. Read more



Liz DeCarlo

New exhibit uses interactive elements to help kids understand the links between prehistoric creatures and animals of today. Read more

Chicago Parent Archives

Take a personalized guided tour of the Art Institute using your tablet or phone. Read more



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