Alyssa Goldman

Important info that can keep your loved ones safe. more

General Parenting

MPowered Kids puts children who tend to be more comfortable in the background center stage. more

Special Needs

Ghouls, goblins … and scarecrows? At the 24th St. Charles Scarecrow Festival, you and your kids can get your hands on some straw and create your own scarecrow. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Basketball is an American pastime that visually impaired individuals have never been able to enjoy—until now. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Chicago is full of culture, but you don’t have to be all grown up to appreciate and experience it. more

Chicago Parent Archives

Most people wait until after college to start a business. But 13-year-olds Sam Kaplan and Louie Harboe have big ideas that couldn’t wait. more

Chicago Parent Archives


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