Since Anne O'Hara adopted a special-needs girl in 2006, many people have asked her, "Do you know what you're getting into?" She tells them she signed up to be as mother -- and all that comes with it -- just like any parent. Read more

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Fall in love with Ellie Grace. Read more

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Writer helps an old friend fill her home with family. Read more

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Three local families -- the Buricks, the Saders and the Thomsons -- share why the decided to adopt children with special needs and how they make it work every day in their homes. Read more

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It's been seven months since Lori and Craig Gertz sent their adopted daughter to live with another family across the country, and phantoms of that agonizing choice are apparent in their Long Grove home. Read more

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Adopting their second child, John and Sue Wick considered themselves veterans of the bumpy yet rewarding journey. But with Erin, everything was different. Read more

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It’s a busy day in the studio for Kathy Hart. Actor Tim Robbins calls in for a chat, Read more

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