7 reasons to be sweet on XO Marshmallow

When I found out that a shop selling s’mores would be swinging its doors open right in my own neighborhood, I had to investigate. Chatting with the owners and tasting sweets at XO Marshmallow in Rogers Park was a hard job, but I decided to take one for the Chicago Parent team. Here are seven reasons that your family might enjoy it.  

Located near the lake

A walk around the block at this Rogers Park locale has the perk of putting you right along the lake. My family just took a quick walk for a dose of wave sightings and getting my son Isaiah’s wiggles out, but if you were to spend some time at Loyola Beach like we did to celebrate Father’s Day, XO Marshmallow would be ideally situated for a treat break.  

Support #ladybosses 

Whenever I hear the pittance (currently it’s 6.4 percent) of Fortune 500 companies that have female CEOs at the helm, I feel like we have a long way to go. Seeing two self-described #ladybosses start this business is encouraging! 

Kat Connor, Expert Marshmallowist Maven, started making the fluffy sweets as gifts while she was in law school. Kat teamed up with Lindzi Shanks, the S’mores Sommelier, and the popularity of the pair’s champagne flavored marshmallow propelled them into the business.  

Happy place 

When you walk into the shop it would be pretty hard not to smile at the cheerful décor. Pillows shaped like the letters “X” and “O” immediately caught my eye, and you could snag the look for your nursery. Every design detail gives it a feminine whimsical feel. “It is our café and wonderland,” Lindzi says, “It’s our happy place.”  

Friendly service 

While we were hanging out at XO Marshmallow, Natalie Pine was busy concocting sweet treats behind the counter. When we placed our order, we realized that Natalie clearly knew her stuff. She was extremely friendly and helped us narrow down our choices, which is no easy feat when there are so many delicious sounding options.  

S’mores galore

This place had me at hello, s’more. I went with the traditional version, and my husband Walter opted for a bourbon marshmallow and topped it with crushed Oreos and chocolate pieces. The marshmallow tasted softer and fresher than the grocery store variety. The graham cracker had more chew and held up well to s’more-dom. Walter enjoyed the distinctive flavor of the bourbon marshmallow and added texture from toppings. 

More than s’mores 

We also munched on the Dream Bars, the store’s version of rice crispy treats. They were tasty as well. Our total order was not cheap, but worth every penny.  We will have to return to sample other treats on the menu. The frozen hot chocolate is next on my summer hit list! 

Keepin’ it creative

Kat and Lindzi’s passion for the business really shows, and they plan to do a marshmallow of the month to experiment with new flavors. Knowing that they will be continuing to whip up creative treats makes me want to return to see what they’ll cook up next.  

As I headed out, I could hear Kat and Lindzi happily chatting about new ideas. I hope this pair keeps on dreaming, because it makes for some joyful eating.

If you go

XO Marshmallow

6977 N. Sheridan Road

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