5 fun activities to celebrate the Winter Olympics with kids

The Winter Olympics are about to begin! This international sports event serves as a great tool to teach your children about teamwork, competition and the fascinating world. In addition to watching the games, consider the following family fun activities to really get into the Olympic spirit.

Decorate your space

Live like an Olympian with some lively DIY decorations for your home. Your kids will love to create Olympic-themed crafts such as clothing, torches and a paper chain.

Read inspiring books

Head to your local library and check out some great children’s books focused on the winter games. Some of our favorites include “Tacky and the Winter Games,” “Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics” and “A is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet.”

Learn about the world

What better lesson to take out of the Olympics than being more aware of different cultures around us? The Winter Games can give you a chance to teach your children about various countries participating. Start off with printing out some world maps to find each country represented or keep track of some countries’ medal count similar to this interactive worksheet

Make delicious snacks

Watching the games isn’t complete without some snacks at hand! Purchase a variety pack of Kool-Aid flavors to mix up some colorful drinks. If your family loves sweets, pack some Olympic rings candy jars. Check out some more fun snack ideas for the games

Get competitive indoors

You don’t have to deal with the cold if your kiddos want to actively join in on the winter sports. Recreate these indoor alternatives for curling, bobsledding and hockey

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