7 Creative Ways to Play with Snow Indoors

Kids could spend hours and hours outside playing in the snow despite how cold it is. But, when it’s time for a break, consider bringing the fun indoors with these snow-themed ideas.

Create a sensory bin

Sensory bins help keep kiddos entertained while learning. Fill a big container with snow outside and throw in their favorite toys. Your little ones can play with it and discover how much faster the snow melts when they’re inside.

Recreate this fun science experiment

Spend your next cold day by doing some learning at home with an exciting project. Crystalize your own snowflakes overnight with pipe cleaners and a few household ingredients.

Make snow cones

If you can’t play outside in the snow, then eat it! These homemade snow cones take minutes to make as long as you can easily find clean, white snow.

Mix this white glittery slime

Are you kids still obsessed with DIY slime? They’ll be mesmerized by this sparkling snow substitute. Quick tip: place the finished product in the fridge for about an hour to make it feel cold like snow.

Paint the snow

Transform ice into a masterpiece with vibrant snow paint. It’s easy to make too — all you need is a few squeeze bottles mixed with water and 5-10 drops of food coloring. Your kids can now “paint” fresh snow while warming up.

Stir up pretend snow

If you have a child who’s obsessed with the snow, give homemade snow a try when there isn’t any outside. This super soft snow also works great for your sensory bin activities.

Try out a puffy snowman painting

Here’s a snowman you don’t have to worry about melting away. This art activity involves puffy paint, which is a fun way to play with another smooth and fluffy texture indoors.

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This article originally published on Jan. 10, 2018. It has been updated with the most recent information. 


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