Out with the kids: Mitchell’s Soda Shop

Out with the kids Nothing beats ice cream for a special family treat. Sure, you can scoop a dish at home, but unless you’re equipped with an industrial freezer, you probably can’t sample dozens of flavors before making up your mind. So why not head to Mitchell’s Ice Cream Shop instead?

The Homewood location, where all of the ice cream is made, offers plenty of seating, an old-fashioned soda fountain, a variety of homemade chocolates and brittles, and fantastic ice cream. If you’re visiting downtown Chicago, stop in at their shop (under Gino’s East at 636 Wells St.) for samples and a giant waffle cone. Or watch vendors hand-dip your cone in chocolate at Mitchell’s cart, Michigan and Superior. No matter which location you visit, the hardest part will be deciding what to order.

Mitchell’s Soda Shop

  • 633 N. Wells St., Chicago
  • (312) 943-1124
  • 18211 Dixie Highway, Homewood
  • (708) 799-3835

At the Wells Street location, my sons collected their sample spoons, ultimately reaching more than 10 apiece, before deciding on double scoops. I was feeling a little guilty that my gluttons were being greedy until the man behind the counter assured me that discovering what customers like is fun for him, too.

I would never have guessed that my 7-year-old would fall in love with English Toffee, but that he did, along with some raspberry sorbet. Add some orange sherbet, peppermint ice cream and a fantastic vanilla and chocolate Root Beer Float and my kids were in ice cream heaven. I went for Mitchell’s most popular selection, chocolate-chip ice cream with home-made hot fudge topping. I understand why this flavor accounts for close to a quarter of the company’s ice cream sales. The chips are the perfect texture to go with the creamy ice cream. And the hot fudge … well, it’s just sinful. Although seating is limited at the Wells Street shop, the bright colors, open space and very family-friendly vibe make it a good spot for a quick stop.

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