The perfect gift for first-time moms on Mother’s Day

It’s the Super Bowl Sunday for motherhood. Mother’s Day is the one day a year for all mothers to be pampered and treated like the amazing queens they are (even though it shouldn’t be just a one day occurrence!)

Here are some ideas from seasoned mothers about ways show appreciation to the new mom in your life.

Give the gift of a photo session. Usually apple blossoms and spring flowers are in bloom and moms often don’t get in front of the camera enough. It’s a great time to have a professional photographer capture those sweet moments between mother and baby, plus some with the whole family, too.

Tina Harle

My husband did a black and white photo collage on canvas my first Mother’s Day after having each kid. It has pictures of me pregnant, with the newborn, nursing them and as they grow up that first year. I love them and have them hanging in our bedroom. 

Lisa Desai

Every mom would love a day by herself in Target. But on a more sentimental note, we planted a tree for Mother’s Day and it’s always been such a good memory to have as we watch the tree grow.

Alli Lamb

For my first Mother’s Day, I told my husband I wanted him to book a hotel room for me downtown. For only me! 

Amanda Lee

I like going out by myself for the day, whether shopping or getting my nails done. Shopping without someone throwing a temper tantrum and a solo day is the best present for me.

Vivian Portillo-Ogo

Breastmilk jewelry is a unique and special gift. Especially as a first-time mom, you sacrifice so much to feed your baby and to have it saved on a necklace or ring shows appreciation and something she can be proud of. 

Shelly Jamison

My favorite Mother’s Day gift is my husband spending the day checking items off the to-do list. Last year he replaced all the smoke detectors in the house and hung up framed photos on the wall.

Anne France

The house to herself for as long as she can get it!

Jenna Brown Russell 

A journal that the kids color in and eventually write in with pictures from each year. Obviously for the first few years, it’s Dad or partner driven. I’m looking forward to seeing it years from now and remembering a little from each year as the kids grow.

Lori Browder 

My mom had a cup made with my son’s artwork on it. It was really nice and thoughtful!

Kristen Hollinden

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