A slice of history is being served up at the U.S. Pizza Museum

Looking for some free fun and a slice of history? Head to the to the United States Pizza Museum in the South Loop, which is just a walk away from the museum campus. Lovers of pizza (and history) have found a little a slice of heaven covered in cheese and fun factoids.

This is the personal collection of owner and founder, Kendall Bruns. His travels across the country inspired him to pay homage to his favorite food — pizza.

When the Chicago location was announced, let’s just say that there were some interesting remarks made. 

But, I digress. It got the people talking. This place celebrates all types of ‘za from New York, Chicago, Hartford, St. Louis and more. It celebrates pizza with no discriminations. Just ask owner and founder, Kendall Bruns. He couldn’t even tell me his favorite … that’s because he “likes it all.”

Parents will love the fun facts about the origination of the pizza, Chicago-style pizza. Kids will love the pop art, pizza-inspired toys and interactive spaces.

The museum plans on throwing some really fun and interactive events with local “Hungry Hound” Steve Dalinsky, live podcasts and more. So stay tuned on their Events page for further details.

The museum has been open for a little over a month and plans to keep its doors open until October. Be sure to check out this free museum and get yourself a slice at one of the nearby pizza institutions in the area.

Fun Facts about the Founder

  • Bruns started collecting pizza memorabilia in 2012.
  • The collection made its public physical debut at the Chicago Pizza Summit at 1st Ward in Chop Shop from April 3–6, 2016.
  • His first pizza was his Mom’s homemade pizza (probably a Chef Boyardee pizza making kit).
  • Bruns eats pizza at least 3 times a week!
  • He doesn’t have a favorite style or topping — he is an equal lover of all pizza!

If you go

U.S. Pizza Museum

1146 S Delano Ct W, Chicago, IL 60605

The museum is only open on weekends: Friday: 5-8 p.m., Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Tickets are free, but you should register for your free tickets online here. (Tip: Parking is free at the Roosevelt Collection for the first 90 minutes.)

Learn more at uspizzamuseum.com

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