16 Unique Desserts Your Chicago Kids Will Love

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these desserts that are Insta-worthy and delicious!

We all have a sweet tooth and we know some kids don’t hesitate for the chance to eat ice cream or even a chocolate chip cookie. Why not make their day by giving them an over-the-top sweet treat experience?

Many local businesses in Chicagoland go above and beyond to serve one-of-the-kind desserts that will not disappoint your family. From animal-decorated gelato cones to chocolate piñatas, we share our favorite unique desserts for Chicago kids.


Photo Credit: Lindsey Simon

Put together your dream sweet drink with the help of Bar Siena’s walk-up dessert joint, BomboBar. Depending on the season, try the Gelato Shakes or Hotter Chocolates with interesting toppings like Oreo cookies and gummy worms. Not a milkshake fan? Opt-in for the regular gelato with a waffle cone or better yet, doughnut ice cream sandwiches known as the bombolato sandwich.

Dessert Dealer at Parlor Pizza Bar

While you must get the pizza at Parlor Pizza Bar, save room for the dessert counter, which serves tacolatos. Taco Choco fans will be in heaven when they see the endless options for dessert tacos here, with choices ranging from cookies galore to a banana split alternative.

Eli’s Ark

Photo Credit: Eli’s Ark

This might be the cutest dessert place we’ve seen yet. Eli’s Ark serves traditional gelato with the incredible option to shape your scoop like an animal. Pick anything from a bear or pig to unicorn that will delight anyone in the family. Want more than one animal scoop? Try the “piggybacking” option.

Firecakes Donuts

Photo Credit: Firecakes Donuts

There are plenty of doughnut shops in Chicagoland, but have you ever had a donut ice cream sandwich? Luckily, Firecakes offers build-your-own donut ice cream sandwiches. You select the donut, ice cream and sauce (and toppings too, of course!). Keep an eye out for the featured sandwich of the month if you can’t decide your own combo.

Freedom Brothers Pizza

If your kids are obsessed with cotton candy, then they’ll go wild for the Sugar Mountain at Freedom Brothers Pizza. We can guarantee that you’ll enough cotton candy for the whole table. Plus, the restaurant has two dessert pizzas — one with a Nutella base and the other with a cheesecake base.

Goddess and the Baker

Photo Credit: Goddess and the Baker
  • Various locations in Chicago

Not only is Goddess and the Baker an Instagram-worthy spot, the desserts are to die for. Your family will be happy with everything from cinnamon rolls and cookies to mini pies. And parents, you can grab some needed caffeine! The kiddos will especially love the iconic sweet dish—a colorful slice of their six-layered rainbow cake.

JoJo’s Shake Bar

Families spending the day at Downtown Chicago can easily make a stop at JoJo’s Shake Bar. These outrageous milkshakes come topped with cookie crumbles, cotton candy, marshmallows and so much more. Keep an eye out for their seasonal milkshakes, too.

Joy Yee Plus

Photo Credit: Joy Yee Plus

Waffles and ice cream sound like the perfect combo. Joy Yee Plus takes that concept to the next level by selling Hong Kong-style bubble waffles with never-ending topping options. At the Chinatown Square Mall location, you can top your ice cream with candy, marshmallows and so much more sweet goodness.

Kurimu Chicago

Photo Credit: Kurimu Chicago

Two flavors are better than one! New to the dessert scene, the Little Italy shop serves aesthetically pleasing ice cream. Soft serve flavors are constantly changing and currently, the menu highlights Uji Matcha x Kuro Goma (black sesame). Your tweens and teens will love to take a photo for Snapchat or Instagram!

La Michoacana Premium

While there’s plenty to order at this Pilsen ice cream shop from paletas and waffle sundaes, you have to get one of the Mangonadas. The cup is filled with mango ice cream, chopped mango, lime, chili flakes and more. It’s so good!

Ohana Ice & Treats

If you love shaved ice, then you’ll have more than 20 flavors to choose from this East Beverly shop. Watermelon? Root beer? Guava? This shop has it all! You can also add more than one flavor to make it a colorful treat.

Taiyaki Chicago

Enjoy soft serve ice cream filled in fish-shaped cakes. You choose a filling, a soft serve flavor (ask for today’s flavor!) and two toppings. The toppings list includes chocolate sauce, crushed Oreos, sprinkles and more.

Uncle Julio’s

  • Address: Various locations in Chicagoland

Save this dessert for a special occasion because it makes a fun experience. Hit Uncle Julio’s chocolate piñata to find more sweet goodies inside like dark chocolate, fresh fruit and housemade churros.

XO Marshmallow

Photo Credit: XO Marshmallow

XO Marshmallow has already impressed us with unique marshmallow flavors. But now you can find edible cookie dough on the menu. The Dat Cone Dough includes an ice cream cone filled with edible cookie dough and topped with vanilla marshmallow dipped in chocolate. Yum!


  • Various locations in Chicaogland

Get your churro fill at any of Xurro’s locations in the city and suburbs. There are plenty of treats to choose from like churro ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. Our personal favorite? The churro s’mores sandwich, of course.

26th Street Sugar Shack

Photo Credit: Sugar Shack

If you’re craving classic funnel cakes, make your way to Bridgeport ASAP. The 26th Street Sugar Shack doesn’t offer your ordinary carnival dessert. No, it comes in a sundae, and you can add whatever toppings you want. Sprinkles? Oreos? Fruity Pebbles? The options are endless. Note: Closed for the 2021 season.

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