Best unicorn foods taking over Chicago menus

Unicorns have become 2017’s ‘it’ mythological animal, influencing everything from makeup and fashion to food. A few weeks ago, Starbucks made unicorns magically mainstream by debuting their Unicorn Frappuccino for a limited time. That’s when our very own Matt Boresi and family tried the Unicorn Frapp deeming it “just okay.”

There is literally almost no food that has been spared from “unicornification” — the dyeing of the food into rainbow colors — including bagels, desserts, lattes and cocktails. Cookbooks paying homage to the majestic creature are set to launch, Instagram accounts are devoted (@unicornfoods) and people are going bats*** crazy over unicorns.

As someone who’s had an affinity for the horned beauty her whole life (similarly like this), I am totally down with the trend. Also, in my own mind, my girl squad and I revived the unicorn trend at my bachelorette party back in 2012. (I have the pictures, if necessary).

Anyways, enough about me. Unicorns are legit. So legit in fact, that they are taking over menus across Chicago. Prance your way over to these five restaurants for a colorful experience.

Eight Bar and Patio – Unicorn Burrito

You won’t find any rainbows here. Just one delicious handheld food item packed full of deliciousness. Behold the Unicorn Burrito which debuted this past weekend for Cinco de Mayo. Just look at this sexy beast.

8 W. Maple Street

Fremont Chicago – Unicorn Donuts

This ‘it’ brunch spot has a freaking doughnut wall complete with unicorn doughnuts included in its $40 Brunch Buffet Experience. Just look at how cute these sweet companions are to a #boozybrunch.

15 W Illinois Street

Babycakes – Unicorn Toast and Rainbow Bagels

Their motto says it all: “Babycakes are created with passion, inspiration and a pinch of magic.” Aren’t unicorns, too? You’ll have to catch Babycakes on the go in their food truck. But, when you catch the magic you’ll be rewarded with warm, sweet and gooey unicorn toast or toasted rainbow bagels with rainbow schmear.

BomboBar – Unicorn Hot Chocolate

They call it “funfetti hotter chocolate,” but I can’t shake the fact that it downright resembles a Unicorn Hot Chocolate. Just admire that gem topped with sprinkles, donuts and whipped cream. Move aside, Starbucks.

832 W Randolph Street

Public House – Unicorn Funfetti Cake Shake

This rainbow hued boozy cake shake is everything! Spiked with vanilla stout, this boozy beverage may make you see a few unicorns. Shake things up with this clear winner of the bunch.

400 N. State Street

Unicorn food tastes like rainbows, sparkles, glitter and regret. Regret for the copious amounts of sugar and calories you consume. (Let’s pretend that calories are mystical, too).

Did I miss any unicorn-inspired foods that make your list?

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