Under the Sea-Themed Birthday Party for Four-Year-Old Chicago Twins

It been four years since I started this motherhood journey. And to be completely honest I get really sentimental around the twins’ birthday. Readers of Chicago Parent have been on this adventure with me since month one. I’ll never forget our cover photoshoot for the magazine and the letters I shared with you from my pregnancy. So, since we go way back, I want to help my fellow parents with lessons I’ve learned from throwing a party (safely) during a pandemic.

Guests List

Our kids have been back to school post-COVID closures for over a month. We invited their class friends who are with them daily and just one of their parents. Unlike years past, we did not open this to extra siblings or adult friends without kids. We also, of course, invited family but encouraged any members over 60 to stay home.

We wanted to encourage social distancing, so we placed chairs and towels 6 feet apart. We also ditched the pool and went with a mega splash pad so it would keep the kids running.

THE BAND made the party complete. Chicago Private Concerts handled our outside tunes and even brought the real BROADWAY ALADDIN Adam Jacobs to sing! All the instruments & sounds made me feel like I was at an actual event pre-COVID and they sure brought smiles to every guest (even though we couldn’t see them through the mask, LOL). Chicago Private Concerts can do any theme and can truly take you anywhere … in a season when we are grounded.


We bought everything single serve. Meaning no two-touch points. Since the theme was shark/mermaid, we did Goldfish as “shark bait,” Organic Rise Rolls as “beach bites” and Capri Sun as “ocean water.” The cakes were shaped as a shark fin and mermaid tail, however, underneath the icing they were single cupcakes. We hired a bartender (with gloves) to handle the beverages.


Paris 312 did all our balloon displays. All they needed was a picture of our space and the theme. They literally let me focus on the safety side of the party and they handled the beauty. Their team dropped off and set up the space.

Party Favors

Having an outdoor party, I knew kids would forget sunscreen and again didn’t want to spread germs by passing a bottle around. We gave out Cotz Sunscreen for every child and also swim lessons via Goldfish Swim School.

So, there you have it, you can have your health and celebrate, too! This party took a lot of extra work but so does being parent! I hope these notes help you celebrate another year of life!

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