A tale of two tasty meals at Tre Kronor

My husband and I shared our first date at Tre Kronor, a Swedish spot in Albany Park. We chatted over brunch and wondered what the heck to call the strange beings portrayed on the mural. Recently, we returned for a lively dinner with our toddler Isaiah and my parents. Then, a few days later, we celebrated our 5-year engage-a-versary (Yes, that is totally a thing.) with a blissful sans toddler brunch. Now that you have the back story, I’d like to share some highlights to give you a taste of this unique spot.

Dinner for the whole crew

If you go

Tre Kronor

3258 W Foster Ave., Chicago



We arrived for dinner at about 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday. The place was fairly empty and one of the servers remembered when our little guy was in the pod, so she was excited to meet him. The servers are generally kind and friendly! I would recommend that other families opt for early dinners, because the restaurant is fairly small. When it is crowded, there would not be much extra room for strollers, high chairs or wiggle breaks. Isaiah made the most out of the space and did some waddle laps. Thankfully, the few diners nearby engaged with him as opposed to giving me the why-on-earth-is-your-child-in-a-restaurant glare.

The menu is not extensive, but it is hard to go wrong and the daily specials are often a yummy way to go. My feast included Roasted Beets salad, rainbow trout and creamy corn chowder. Isaiah happily tasted beets for the first time and even tried trout! We played pass the toddler so everyone could eat, and I even indulged in the addictive chocolate mousse. Don’t stress if things get sloppy as your future foodies sample the Scandinavian rainbow, because Tre Kronor can join my ranks of restaurants where it’s okay for kiddos to get messy.

Brunch for two—woo hoo!

The same awesome server greeted us just a few days later when we celebrated my hubby popping the question. We even sat at the same table for two where it all began. Those slightly creepy creatures with funny tails and ears had not changed a bit. Our meal without Isaiah was drastically different though. It was peaceful, did not involve busting out wet wipes, or playing chase the toddler.

Tre Kronor’s brunch is homey and delicious across the board. A few of my brunch faves are the Belgian Waffles (Try to look at this pic without drooling.), Spinach Salad and Reubenssen. The quiche options change, but I have never been disappointed and like the salmon dill. For our recent date, we went old school and ordered the Anders’ Hash and Eggs, my eggs were perfectly fried and my husband’s were scrambled. With all of the coupledom in the air we still managed some semblance of individuality.

If you check out Tre Kronor with your whole gang or just with your honey, the patio could be a great fit. North Park University’s pretty campus is across the street for a post-meal stroll. Whichever way you go, just go, because what Tre Kronor advertises on its website—Det Smakar Gott! —is true. It tastes good!

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