Plan a winter escape to Grand Geneva

Traveling is something we always hoped to do with kids. We said we were going to be those parents that brought their babies everywhere so they got used to being on the road, and in turn, they would become easy breezy travel companions. It’s that simple, right? 

Maybe for some, but we have three little boys. Each time we leave the house, we are equipped with exactly one WWE wrestler, a disappearing Ninja Turtle and an agile spider monkey who happens to be three years old, and an Olympic-caliber climber. 

But each year we try and try again. Because every year is “our year” to be out of the woods and closer to freedom! Despite giving it our best shot, this year we needed a vacation from our vacation. We needed time to unwind, ditching the airport drama and cramped hotel rooms for a quick local getaway.

Here are 10 reasons why a winter weekend getaway to The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa is exactly what you need to unwind after the holidays:

Brand new villas

Because sometimes two queen beds (in a room the size of two queen beds) won’t cut it. There’s nothing better than putting the kids down in another room so you and your spouse can enjoy a glass of wine and a movie at the end of a full day. The villas are modern, spacious and cozy. You may never go back to a traditional hotel room ever. 


The facility has tennis courts, basketball courts, indoor pools, an outdoor playground and a rock-climbing wall to keep kids busy for entire afternoons at a time. There is even horseback riding and carriage rides in the snow if you’re craving some added adventure. 

Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark

We took the kids to a waterpark and we ALL had a good time. This is rare, because there are two of us, and three of them. However, the entire room was surprisingly manageable in size. We could see the “big kid” waterslides from the “little kids” waterslides and play area. And the bar is steps away from the kiddie pool. Parents were ankle deep in the pool with beers in their hands. I know, you’re already sold, but I have to also mention the lazy river, the dining area with pizza, burgers and hot dogs, and a separate arcade room.

The spa

Conveniently located next to the daycare center, the spa was at the top of our list after a full day of chasing ninjas down waterslides. The massages were everything a busy parent could dream of. We left the kids to play video games next door so we could enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi tub, and a little R&R before heading off to dinner.  

“Kids are Grand” Kids Club

There is nothing better than a family vacation to spend time with your kids and make memories, but there is something to be said for a couple hours to reconnect with your spouse. Dinner, spa treatments or happy hour at the Lodge while the kids are being supervised is an option you don’t get on many family trips. 

Skiing, sledding & ice skating

We enrolled the boys in ski school on our first full day, and we could not believe how friendly and helpful the staff was with everything from boot fittings to the ski lessons themselves. The boys, including my 3-year-old spider monkey, were zooming around The Mountain Top almost immediately, and were so excited to be able to ski, sled and ice skate in one place. Click here for “stay and ski free” package info. 


Everything was convenient and incredibly family-friendly in the villas. The kitchen was huge and unlike staying in a traditional hotel room, we didn’t have to leave every time one of the boys was hungry. Are you ready for this? They delivered groceries! If you need anything else, Target is only a five-minute drive away. 


Not only are there six restaurants to choose from, they are all delicious and offer enough choices for even the pickiest eaters in your family. The Chophouse and The Grand Cafe hit the spots for us, but check out the other eateries and their menus for yourself.

Proximity to downtown Lake Geneva

It took us six minutes to drive to the downtown area from our villa. While we did most of our dining at the resort, downtown Lake Geneva is filled with bars, restaurants and shopping, and they are all right on the lake. We were able to take the kids out on the ice to watch the fishermen ice fishing. People were ice skating and zooming by us on snowmobiles, and we were all in awe of how beautiful Lake Geneva is.

Upcoming winter events

Lake Geneva might be known for summer fun on the water, but it has definitely become our new favorite winter escape. Here are a couple events we are looking forward to:

Winterfest: A 9-day festival (Jan. 27-Feb. 4) complete with snow sculptures, art, dog sled racing, helicopter rides, and more. 

Winter Carnival: Starting at 9 a.m. on Feb. 3, there is a parade, fireworks and live music. (Check out the full list of events here.)

You don’t have to be a parent to book this trip! If you’re ready to book your visit Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, use code ChicagoParent20 for 20 percent off your stay. *Must book by April 15 with a 2-night stay minimum. 

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