5 Chicago-friendly products to celebrate Fourth of July

Maybe you need to bring a hostess gift to a picnic or are introducing young kids to the wonders of Red, White and Blue. Chicago-area stores have you covered. Check out some of our favorite toys and products with a festive July 4 theme. 

Aaron’s Red Light and Blue Thinking Putty*

Changes color with festive flare. Available at Becky & Me Toys, 620 Grove St., Evanston.

Sky Top Toy

As retro to DaVinci, as patriotic as Washington. Available at Becky & Me Toys, 620 Grove St., Evanston

Wild Ophelia Chocolate Dipped Strawberry chocolate bar 

A whole lotta summer in one bite. Available at Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmers Market.

Abbey Brown’s Blue Line Soap

Citrus-y fragrance with bi-color look. Available at Abbey Brown Soap Artisan, 1162 W. Grand Ave., Chicago.


A fidget spinner with hops. Available at Becky & Me Toys, 620 Grove St., Evanston.

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