Best Thanksgiving books for kids of all ages

As a relatively new arrival in America, I’ve learned about Thanksgiving along with my children. And as they’ve got older, we’ve picked up some pretty great books along the way to educate ourselves together. Here are a few books about the holidays.

Babies & Toddlers

“Bright Baby: Happy Thanksgiving”

“Happy Thanksgiving” is an oh-so-cute board book of first words all related to Thanksgiving. The mix of real photos and illustrations of children enjoying all things Thanksgiving including turkey, pumpkins, cranberries and football. It makes a great first book to share.

“Spot’s Thanksgiving”

Spot the Dog was around when I was a kid, and–ahem, more than a few years on–he’s still having fun in “Spot’s Thanksgiving.” He’s making a pumpkin pie, and Grandma and Grandpa are there to bring him a pilgrim hat and join the feast.

“Five Silly Turkeys”

Your toddlers will be giggling as the count the turkeys in this book. These crazy birds are up to silly shenanigans from being chased by a bee to spinning around a dance floor. They’re not your typical Thanksgiving birds!

Early Elementary (4-7)

“Llama Llama Gives Thanks”

Who doesn’t love Llama Llama? See how Llama Llama spends Thanksgiving with his family. From eating delicious food to playing in the fall leaves, you’ll learn how important it is to give thanks all year round.

“The Ugly Pumpkin”

This twist on “The Ugly Duckling” might become one of your favorites to read during the Thanksgiving season. The wacky tale will bring some laughs and smiles—along with some important life lessons!

“Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving”

A group of children visits a farmer and his turkeys on Thanksgiving eve. At this farm, they have such a great time that they leave with fuller hearts by rescuing their new turkey friends.

Late Elementary (7-10)

“Thanksgiving on Thursday (Magic Tree House #27)”

Jack and Annie are back in Thanksgiving on Thursday in 1621 and they’re joining the first Thanksgiving celebration. A perfect blend of fact and fiction, there’s a reason why the Magic Treehouse series is the best-selling chapter book series of all time! 

“What Was the First Thanksgiving?”

I love the Who Was/What Was series! They are short, snappy histories that can teach me the basics on an event or person in just a few hours. “What was the First Thanksgiving?” is no exception–giving context to the first celebration and talking about how the holiday is celebrated today.

“1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving (National Geographic)”

If you’re looking for a more realistic tale of Thanksgiving, this historical book will give you all the facts you need with compelling photographs to read with your kids. Learn more about the Native American culture and the original harvest celebration in 1621. 

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