The ultimate summer reading list for babies

Even babies can dig a few books for the beach, pool-side or while on vacation. These new 2019 editions won’t be a bore the 15th time that parents read them, and they’ll keep molding young minds. 

I Am Kind & I Am Unstoppable

From Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos, the team behind the “Ordinary People Change the World” books comes a series for younger readers. Shorter, but with similar imaging, the poetry tells each person’s story — in this case Abraham Lincoln and Amelia Earhart — for an audience new to words. 

Sweet Neighbors Come in All Sizes, by Lisa Blecker

Based on the 2000 song by Dick Grover, Sweet Neighbors is a great introductory book to colors, shapes and textures. The sweet message of inclusivity helps, as does a chance to use the colors, textures and shapes at the local farmers market all summer long. 

Kindness Rules!, by Eunice Moyle & Sabrina Moyle

Meet Magic Manners, the elephant with brightly-colored clothing and a cape who treats his friends with respect. Great to teach mindfulness to youngsters, the neon illustrations will draw in young eyes early and often. 

If I was the Sunshine, by Julie Fogliano & Loren Long

With a gentle rhyme, this is a beautiful bedtime or early reader book. The illustrations by Long ease the reader through the story, and Fogliano’s rhythm and cadence are memorable as the sunshine is welcomed into the day.

Hibernate with Me, by Benjamin Scheuer & Jemima Williams

Originally written as a song, this husband and wife team have developed a loving book great for winter and wonderful to teach self-esteem. It’s OK to ask for a hug and a spot to be warm, the book teaches, and there’s always a place to be loved. To listen to the song first, visit

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