Sue is coming back to the Field Museum

Your favorite Tyrannosaurus rex will be back just in time for the holidays. 

Starting Dec. 21, the Field Museum will have the famous Sue back on display and part of the “Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet” exhibit on the museum’s second floor. The museum moved Sue earlier this year and replaced Sue’s original display in Stanley Field Hall with Máximo, the largest dinosaur ever. 

Sue’s brand new suite will give visitors a closer look about the T. rex’s history. Some interactive displays include what Sue’s world looked like and what scientists have learned about the dinosaur over the past decades. There’s so much to learn about Sue! 

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“When Sue was in Stanley Field Hall, a lot of people would say, ‘Aw, Sue’s smaller than I thought,'” says Field Museum president Richard Lariviere in a statement. “This new gallery does a better job showing how imposing Sue would have been in real life. This is the biggest, scariest, and most impressive Sue’s ever looked.”

It’s dino-mite to have you back, Sue. 

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