8 Spring Activities for Chicago Families to Enjoy at Home

Can you believe spring is finally here? We know things are a bit different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the new season. Here are some spring activities that Chicagoland families can enjoy at home

Plant a garden.

Grow the love for gardening earlier by planting outdoors or indoors. Here are some fun gardening activities for kids. You can even purchase a gardening kit to make the process even easier.

Wake up your home for spring. 

Spring cleaning is a much-needed annual project for any household, so it’s about time to include the entire crew. Read our tips on making spring cleaning a fun family affair and learn how to create your own cleaning products

Give back. 

There’s no excuse not to set some time aside this season to give back. If you’re doing some spring cleaning, set aside some clothes and toys to donate later. You can also think of ways to help out small businesses and restaurants.

Make a spring dessert.

There are so many seasonal desserts to enjoy now like lemon cakes or berry tarts. Start off with Hilton Chicago’s Signature Carrot Cake Pops

“Visit” your library. 

While our libraries are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll be surprised that many Chicagoland libraries offer great digital resources for families of all ages. 

Put together a spring craft.

Now’s the time to really get into crafting by trying out a few new DIY projects. Your kids will love these easy recycled crafts or homemade bird feeders

Support a farmers market. 

Indoor farmers markets are closed, but many of them are still offering pick-up and delivery options for customers. Start ordering with Green City Market and 61st St. Farmers Market.

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