4 ways to make spring cleaning a fun family affair

As the sun starts to shine a bit more this month and the last remnants of snow begin to melt (hopefully), the fresh, clean air of spring can’t be too far behind.

That means it’s almost time to tackle every mom’s favorite (NOT!) household task: Spring cleaning.

What better way to tackle those dust bunnies than to fight an epic cleaning battle as a family and take care of clutter once and for all? Here are some ideas for getting organized as a family and putting a spring back into your step in your own home.

Tick, tock, set the clock

One of the simplest ways to tackle household duties is to set a timer and encourage your family to race the clock. Work on one larger task together or give each member a specific task to complete in a set time. I recommend 10- to 15-minute intervals.

Working on a timer encourages the work to be done that instant and means that you’re less likely to put off a task. You might even encourage your kids to set a personal challenge. For example, “I can pick up all of the toys in my room in less than eight minutes” and see if they can beat it.

Make a list, check it twice

Oftentimes, when I’m walking through my home, I find a laundry list of things to accomplish on those big cleaning days. Rather than trying to mentally keep track of it all, I make a list in a simple notebook I keep in my kitchen. Consider making a large family chart to hang listing things you’d like to accomplish and have your kids put stickers on what has been completed. This will help all of you literally see the progress you’re making. You might also consider scoping out Pinterest for some printables to assist you in the standard spring cleaning tasks such as cleaning the blinds or soaking your washing machine.

Do paper lists seem overwhelming? Consider going paperless and keeping track of your spring cleaning using a spreadsheet. You can highlight tasks that have started or finish and keep track of your progress.

Make it a family day

Choose a day when everyone will be home and make the entire day a family day. Create your list, and upon completion of a certain number of items, do something as a family, such as play a game or go for a walk outside. Not only will this create the opportunity for valuable family time, it will clean your house in the process. Tackling the large spring cleaning list can be daunting, but working on it together might make it seem much less intimidating.

Finished your list and still have time to spare? Bake cookies or head to the movies as a reward for your day of hard work.

Let’s get physical

I’m not talking about Olivia Newton-John. Whether you decide to have a cleaning day dance party or run through a Pinterest circuit between chores, plan for fun breaks between tasks. Jump on Just Dance for a quick round, turn up the radio for an impromptu jam session or see who can hold the plank longest. No matter how you choose to groove, your kids will love wondering what’s next and the to-do list will be tended to as well!

Consider upping the challenge by hosting your very own Spring Cleaning Olympics–and award medals for the best duster, cleanest sweeper or fastest declutterer. Don’t forget to host your very own opening ceremonies complete with a feather duster as your torch!

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