Brighten up your winter day with light-up snowmen

As Chicagoans, we all know January days can be dark, dreary and cold and therefore the ideal time for crafting. Whether there is snow outside or not, it’s always the perfect month to create snowmen.

Bring some light and fun to your day by making tea light snowmen to hang or display around the house. Plus, these won’t leave you freezing!


  • Battery operated tea lights
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Pompoms
  • Ribbon
  • Felt or foam paper
  • Sharpie (black and orange)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Select a white tea light. Using an orange Sharpie, carefully color the light portion of the tea light to resemble an orange carrot nose. Hold the tea light so the tip of the light that curls up is the nose. Then, with a black Sharpie, create two eyes above the nose and a charcoal smile below.
  2. To create earmuffs, measure and cut a pipe cleaner to go from side to side on top of the tea light when held upright. Apply hot glue to attach. Then attach two pompoms as the ear muffs at the ends with hot glue.
  3. To create a top hat, use black felt or foam paper to cut a hat shape and then apply a dot of glue to attach above the eyes.
  4. To make a scarf, cut a piece of ribbon about 4 inches long. Cross it over itself in the front to create a scarf look and connect with a dot of glue. Then apply glue on the inside back of the scarf to attach to the back of the tea light.
  5. If desired, attach a ribbon or twine loop glued to the top back of the tea light if you want to hang up your snowmen.

This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of Chicago Parent. Read the rest of the issue.

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